Leaders make tough calls

When Charles “Sully” Sullenberger got on the plane and flight that would make him famous, nothing suggested they’d one day make a film depicting his calm decision making. The toughest call he made is one barely depicted in the movie, Sully. He chose to keep flying the plane. He had the First Officer start going …

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You only regret the things you don’t do – GaryVee

I know Gary Vaynerchuk is not only awesome and inspirational, but he’s also a pretty smart guy. So it’s not often that I write a post that refutes his logic. I think most of us will regret things we’ve spent too much time on because we chose poorly.

How often does this happen?

One of the most important questions you can ask as you lead people is this: “how often does this happen?” The reason it’s so powerful is because our default reaction can often be to overreact to whatever gets our attention. We create policies. We create rules. We create directives. All to protect ourselves from something. …

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