Leaders make people feel important

Leaders are responsible for managing execution and performance. In fact, they’re responsible for a lot of things. But the one we don’t talk about as much is the need to make people feel important.

Have a Plan B C & D

Every day things around you will change. I once worked at a company where we reviewed the performance of each executive each quarter by how well they hit their goals. You know, you go around the table and review what the goals were for the quarter and see how close you got. What was funny …

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Make your best call

In many organizations people stop thinking. It’s not completely their fault. The issue is that between bosses and processes, most decision making is removed from people. The result of this dynamic is that people stop thinking and they just fall into routines. If you’ve ever found yourself driving to work, arriving, and not remembering any …

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Always manage Expectations

I bought the domain Then I told you there would be #40mantras. Now we’re on our 11th mantra. But you know where I’m headed, right? Know how?