Have a Plan B C & D

Every day things around you will change.

I once worked at a company where we reviewed the performance of each executive each quarter by how well they hit their goals. You know, you go around the table and review what the goals were for the quarter and see how close you got.

What was funny was how many execs – and I’m not talking front line staff – were stressed and frustrated because their goals were ones that required the collaboration of other units they weren’t directly responsible for.

Let me say this here – once and for all. Just in case no one warned you.


There. Now you can’t say no one told you.

Success, I found, wasn’t directly correlated to a person’s skill, intelligence, or size of team.

Success, it turns out, was directly correlated to how well an exec had made a plan B, C or D. Because when things went sideways (and you knew they would), some people had contingency plans and others complained.

Which are you?

The kind of person that has a contingency plan?
Or the kind of person that complains?

Be the kind that has a plan B, C & D.

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